Luctor et Emergo

by Tink

Day 3 was Saturday August 16.
I did fairly well after the first rally of autoimmune attack. I recovered a bit the third day and the fourth day I was feeling back to baseline.
It was on Saturday that I got my second injection and boy did that hit home. After a couple of hours I was sick as I have ever been.
Right after the injection I went to lie down for my siesta before dinner. This is around 4:00 pm and we have dinner around 9:00 pm. 2 hours later I woke up with the feeling of some hot metal was streaming through my veins and slowly making it's way up. Just one side of my body. I went to use the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see that one side of my face was red and the other wasn't. Strange. And that's when the bone pain kicked in. Especially by right side, the side of the injection. I could not move my arms every movement caused excruciating pain. Than my right side started hurting even my neck ribs and bones of my skull. I could not do anything except lie there and cry in pain.

W had to help me up to use the bathroom. Have you ever noticed that the more sick you are and the more it is impossible for you to reach the toilet the more you need to go? What's up with that?

And with W helping me up I mean he had to pull my arms to get me into a sitting position and that hurt like hell. I screamed and he was so brave to just go on and ignore my screaming. I know he hates to hurt me but it had to be done.

After a bathroom shuffle trip he rubbed me with my medical marijuana rub that reliefs the muscle pain but not the bone pain. I could still make small movements like typing on my ipad like now and I send off a note to my doc. Who wrote me back to immediately go back a dose to 0.05 instead of 0.06. Who knew that 0.01 could make so much difference. Take lots of supplements like resveratrol, andrographis, etc and also liver, bile flow and detox medicine. He was happy that it was working, not happy I had such a reaction but that was what we expected so nothing new there.

After 3 days the bone pain became a bit less and I now had trouble walking. My spinal cord is horribly inflamed and it hurts like hell. This is becoming a problem with the bathroom visits I think we will have to start using the camping toilet again in my room.

Day 4 Wednesday August 20
Back to the 0.05ml injection. The reaction wasn't less though. Nope, it was the same and now the bone pain didn't leave me after day 3. it is still here and limiting my movements and making me go through my painkillers at an alarming rate. It's not that you can ask for more painkillers when these are gone. No the law in Oregon is very strict. Someone told me that these bone and muscle pain mimic exactly the late stage Lyme pains. Great. I hope the seizures stay far away from me!

Luckily it was the week that my Medical Marijuana supply was delivered. My growers give me a months worth of strains for free(that's how the Oregon MMJ law works)and if I need more I can buy it. But when you apply for your MMJ card you have to appoint a grower or grow your own. Luckily we have wonderful growers who go the extra mile with growing new strains. I also have a great supply of rubs, body butter, face elixer, those products are made by hand by a wonderful woman and they do help a lot for inflammation and other painful conditions. She also makes tincture that you can put a few drops under your tongue that works fabulous.
If you live in Oregon and want more information about this let me know and I'm happy to pass on email addresses.

I watched a review of the FireFly Vaporizer. I had my eye on it for about 1 year and they improved it throughout the year. So it was time to purchase one. It arrived in 3 days and sits now happily waiting till the battery is charged. If you're looking for a good review you have to read and watch Bud The Vape critic. Don't be turned off by his sunglasses, he actually knows his business.
Here's another review from the Vapor Review Blog.
It comes in 3 colors, gray, red and silver. I got the silver one.

In case you do not know what a vaporizer is, it's nothing like smoking. With vaporizing you are, in case of the FireFly, combusting the herbs and the vapor that it produces you inhale. With smoking MJ like the old fashioned way tobacco was involved, in vaporizing no such thing.
There are many vaporizers on the market, from portables to larger ones for use at home. if you happen to live in California or Colorado they also sell pens that look like an ecig that are already filled with your favorite strains. There are a great variety of strains suitable for a variety of aches and pains.

I prefer the vapor method over the ingesting method. With vaporizing you have more control over how much you will need, faster results. Ingesting can often takes 20 minutes before you notice anything plus if you have a bad reaction to it(like I did once) it can take hours to wear off. The tincture method where you place a concentrated drop under your tongue is also an excellent way of getting relief. There are now many strains around that produce little THC, the stuff that causes a 'high'. People who are in pain will first notice the pain relief and very little of the mood enhancing stuff.
Again if you would like more info let me know in the comments.

I hope I will be able to write some more the coming days. I just had my 5th injection as today it is Sunday August the 24.

Until than, be well and many blessings!

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