Luctor et Emergo

by Tink

Day 3 was Saturday August 16.
I did fairly well after the first rally of autoimmune attack. I recovered a bit the third day and the fourth day I was feeling back to baseline.
It was on Saturday that I got my second injection and boy did that hit home. After a couple of hours I was sick as I have ever been.
Right after the injection I went to lie down for my siesta before dinner. This is around 4:00 pm and we have dinner around 9:00 pm. 2 hours later I woke up with the feeling of some hot metal was streaming through my veins and slowly making it's way up. Just one side of my body. I went to use the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see that one side of my face was red and the other wasn't. Strange. And that's when the bone pain kicked in. Especially by right side, the side of the injection. I could not move my arms every movement caused excruciating pain. Than my right side started hurting even my neck ribs and bones of my skull. I could not do anything except lie there and cry in pain.

W had to help me up to use the bathroom. Have you ever noticed that the more sick you are and the more it is impossible for you to reach the toilet the more you need to go? What's up with that?

And with W helping me up I mean he had to pull my arms to get me into a sitting position and that hurt like hell. I screamed and he was so brave to just go on and ignore my screaming. I know he hates to hurt me but it had to be done.

After a bathroom shuffle trip he rubbed me with my medical marijuana rub that reliefs the muscle pain but not the bone pain. I could still make small movements like typing on my ipad like now and I send off a note to my doc. Who wrote me back to immediately go back a dose to 0.05 instead of 0.06. Who knew that 0.01 could make so much difference. Take lots of supplements like resveratrol, andrographis, etc and also liver, bile flow and detox medicine. He was happy that it was working, not happy I had such a reaction but that was what we expected so nothing new there.

After 3 days the bone pain became a bit less and I now had trouble walking. My spinal cord is horribly inflamed and it hurts like hell. This is becoming a problem with the bathroom visits I think we will have to start using the camping toilet again in my room.

Day 4 Wednesday August 20
Back to the 0.05ml injection. The reaction wasn't less though. Nope, it was the same and now the bone pain didn't leave me after day 3. it is still here and limiting my movements and making me go through my painkillers at an alarming rate. It's not that you can ask for more painkillers when these are gone. No the law in Oregon is very strict. Someone told me that these bone and muscle pain mimic exactly the late stage Lyme pains. Great. I hope the seizures stay far away from me!

Luckily it was the week that my Medical Marijuana supply was delivered. My growers give me a months worth of strains for free(that's how the Oregon MMJ law works)and if I need more I can buy it. But when you apply for your MMJ card you have to appoint a grower or grow your own. Luckily we have wonderful growers who go the extra mile with growing new strains. I also have a great supply of rubs, body butter, face elixer, those products are made by hand by a wonderful woman and they do help a lot for inflammation and other painful conditions. She also makes tincture that you can put a few drops under your tongue that works fabulous.
If you live in Oregon and want more information about this let me know and I'm happy to pass on email addresses.

I watched a review of the FireFly Vaporizer. I had my eye on it for about 1 year and they improved it throughout the year. So it was time to purchase one. It arrived in 3 days and sits now happily waiting till the battery is charged. If you're looking for a good review you have to read and watch Bud The Vape critic. Don't be turned off by his sunglasses, he actually knows his business.
Here's another review from the Vapor Review Blog.
It comes in 3 colors, gray, red and silver. I got the silver one.

In case you do not know what a vaporizer is, it's nothing like smoking. With vaporizing you are, in case of the FireFly, combusting the herbs and the vapor that it produces you inhale. With smoking MJ like the old fashioned way tobacco was involved, in vaporizing no such thing.
There are many vaporizers on the market, from portables to larger ones for use at home. if you happen to live in California or Colorado they also sell pens that look like an ecig that are already filled with your favorite strains. There are a great variety of strains suitable for a variety of aches and pains.

I prefer the vapor method over the ingesting method. With vaporizing you have more control over how much you will need, faster results. Ingesting can often takes 20 minutes before you notice anything plus if you have a bad reaction to it(like I did once) it can take hours to wear off. The tincture method where you place a concentrated drop under your tongue is also an excellent way of getting relief. There are now many strains around that produce little THC, the stuff that causes a 'high'. People who are in pain will first notice the pain relief and very little of the mood enhancing stuff.
Again if you would like more info let me know in the comments.

I hope I will be able to write some more the coming days. I just had my 5th injection as today it is Sunday August the 24.

Until than, be well and many blessings!

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Well, me writing a post in the second day means there is something to write about. ;-)

Right after I made a comment on FB that I was going to binge watch some old Lauren Bacall movies I was hit with a wave of 'not feeling so good'. I suddenly felt the urge to turn off my iPad, put the fan on high and lie very quiet, with earplugs in in a dark room.

Before I will write about what is going on I will let you in on my daily symptoms so you know it's not something out of the blue.

I have a reversed sleep cycle, meaning I fall asleep at 5 or 6:00 am and wake up at noon. And by falling asleep I literally mean 'falling' asleep. One moment I'm awake and next 'bang' someone turned off my light and I wake up in the same position as that I fell asleep in. Sometimes still wearing glasses and my ipad glaring into my face on the page of the book I was reading. I have an iPad stand next to my bed so I can read without holding it. if you're interested in knowing more about that let me know.

I usually eat some fruit hubby has in the fridge for me like at the moment it is bowls full of cubed ice cold watermelon. That hydrates me and sometimes I go back to sleep more relaxed now until 2:00pm. This is the time that I talk myself out of bed. Unless I'm so horribly ill that all I can so is crawl to the bathroom I demand of myself that I get out of bed even though it's just for a few minutes. It takes about an hour before the feeling that I'm about to die will fade. I'm afraid that if I don't get out of bed I will be in my last stage of ME. I need to get my blood circulation going I have a severe clotting problem. I sit in my wheelchair in my craft room and take my meds, read my email and do what are my responsibilities, paying bills online and shop at Amazon for our monthly delivery.
If I feel okay I might even work on some digital scrapbooking and edit my photos.

Now for my symptoms, everyone is different, my most painful symptom is the inflammation in my spinal cord and the viral stuff that is nibbling just outside my spinal cord. This pain is not even controlled by morphine unfortunately and there will be a time I will need stronger meds. The morphine I get I take in a combo, 1 tablet of Morphine with 1 mg of Alprasolam(Xanax) will put me out, sleep. If the pain is severe I only sleep for half an hour till and hour.
Next up is kidney and adrenal pain. Horrible horrible dull aching pain in the middle of my back. Kidneys and adrenals do not function well and other doctors always told me that adrenals can not hurt, but my current doc was the first to acknowledge that yes they can hurt.
Another pain is a deep down bone pain throughout my lower body which we first thought it had to do with the large lump on my hipbone and were afraid I had bone cancer but the large lump turned out to be bursitis on both hips. Making it impossible at times to find a spot that I can lie comfortable for a moment. When I have a auto-immune reaction, like now, that bone pain travels throughout my body and no bone not even my pinky toe is safe.
Other symptoms are migraines, tachycardia, NCS, which is a family member of POTS but neuro related. It stands for NeuroCardiogenic Syncope. At times when I turnover in bed I pass out. Which always scares the heck out of me because I don't know if I will wake up again.
My what I call minor symptoms are enlarged and painful lymphnodes, rashes(Lyme, mycoplasma, systemic yeast) and whatever virus or bacterial infection is not dormant at that moment in time. They do take turns.

That's enough information for now, maybe even too much.;-)

Late last night my arm where we injected the GCMaf began to hurt, nothing alarming it just hurt to move it. I felt horrible when I woke up this (for me) morning but that is nothing unusual that new or aggravated symptoms show themselves after that hour that I have been awake. I didn't want to think about it too much out of fear of overthinking it and feeling every little thing. But it made itself known this afternoon and while I was laying in the dark I could feel a heat spreading through my bones together with the pain I usually feel during an autoimmune reaction. W.(husband) did a little victory dance, he was happy I had a reaction. I was not so amused. I mean common, even on 0.05ml a reaction? I slowly began to feel more rotten, my ears are firered and feel like when you have a fever only I can't have fevers so this is my way. Slowly all my joints are starting to hurt and get red. My headache reduced itself to a dull ache and now at 11:00 pm I decided to write this while I still feel that I can. Lord knows what tomorrow will bring. Sipping a cup of ginger tea, taking my meds and will be back in bed in a minute.

Patricia asked me if I would do a write up about the genetic make-up that makes you a 'good responder'. I will happily do so when my body wants to cooperate. I can write small blurbs and that piece it together and post it.

Thanks for reading guys and I will write more soon, for now, be well and many blessings.

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GcMaff, the journey; Day 1

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 , 2 comments

We had a horrible last 6 months with lots of personal stress, husband health scares that needed attention and resulted in a sabbatical of 8 weeks in which I just went with the flow. I basically stopped all treatment, and only take my basic medication and supplements to keep me alive. I must say that I feel okay. Being occupied with treatments 24/7 is no way to live. Not for the ones who have severe ME, although everyone should make his own decision of course, for me it isn't. I want to live the rest of the life that I have left, in peace, experiencing joy and contentment. When you are going through hell using the newest fad treatment or fad diet, herxing your guts out every day, for me that is no way of living because I know deep down inside there is no cure or major improvement possible.

What I'm doing now is giving those things a chance that give me the least amount of side effects and hoping it will bring some improvement in the quality of my life. According to me genetic data I should be a good responder to GcMaff. Lets hope that's true. I don't want to go into too much details about the why and how of GcMaff. I know they preform miracles in Europe and wish I was well enough to travel to Swizterland and stay in one of their clinics for 3 weeks. if you want to know more about GcMaff, how it works, how to order it, please check out their website.

I have a few odds against me with taking GcMaff, in my daily medications are Morphine, Heparin and Hydrocortisone, 3 things that do now work well with GcMaff. Also 3 things I can not do without. I will lower the Hydrocortisone to 20mg and inject Heparin every other day and see how it goes. The dose you receive is for 8 weeks unless you start like me on a itty bitty shot first.
It's important to know your Nagalase and VitD level before you start.
Here are my test results. Nagalase was tested by dr. de Meirleir's RedLabs in Belgium so I have no idea how accurate they are but I take them for what it's worth.

Elastase Espression: 490 0,00 - 150,00 ratio
soluble CD14: 4651 1430,00 - 2800,00 ng/ml
Nagalase Activity: 1.31 0,32-0,95 nmol/

This is what they write about the ME treatment protocol:
In ME/CFS GcMAF will rebuild the immune system, which will challenge dormant viruses.
They may fight back with a milder “Iris” type reaction.
For that reason start on a 0.03ml dose, and every 4 days increase the dose by 0.01ml.
When you reach a 0.1ml dose, you can go to a 0.25ml dose or more.

I started today on 0.03ml. I always have adverse reactions to any medication I take and just out of precaution I start low and go up.
His hubness did the honors, he already inject me daily with my other drugs of choice so he had no hesitation to put another needle in me, this time in my arm.
That was an hour ago, up to now I feel ok. A few missed heartbeats but that's hopefully out of anticipation. Most likely side effects people experience are the usual flu symptoms.

Speaking of my other drugs of choice that are injected these are the following in case you are interested in what I put into my body to stay alive.
A daily injection with Nexavir/b12/folinic acid/gluthathione. Especially the last is extremely important because I can not detox properly.

My oral list is limited at the moment, methformin(control blood sugar), Nystatin, Hydrocortisone, Advanced Methyl, L-Carnitine, Symbotics Candida Balance with Colostrum and Pro-biotics, Ganoderma, Compound GL(Chinese herbal compound for ME developed by Seven Forests), Ubiquinol, Vit.C 4000 -6000 mg, RX Omega-3 Factors EPA 400mg/DHA200mg, High VitB complex, Ribose.
I also have a HUGE bottle of oxygen that I use on a daily basis to get those gray cells working and improve the overall quality of what I have left. ;-)

There you have it. I will check back in with the next injection on Saturday or sooner if I have something to share about my reaction to GcMaff.

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Under attack

Sunday, February 09, 2014 , , 0 comments

I had hoped to start yesterday with the Luferon. Unfortunately my body is under attack and is in survival mode.
I have chronic bursitis in both hip joints, on the outside, Wednesday evening my shoulders decided to join them. I first thought it was an autoimmune reaction to the Ozone autohemo but after the hours went by it developed in bursitis in both shoulders. 

It's very very painful. The few things that I could do myself I now need help with and it is embarrassing all over again. As you can imagine I don't know how to lie comfortable in bed, neither sides in an option and the inflammation in my spinal cord makes it impossible to sleep on my back.
W raised the top piece of my bed( I have 2 hospital beds. One in my room and the other in the family room), added a few pillows so I more or less sit/lie but not for very long because it's exhausting.

These are the days that there is so much pain that it is all consuming and you start asking yourself how much longer you have to hold on.

Typing is painful as well, luckily my iPad is very helpful I. Typing the words that I dictate with a few errors here and there :-) I will keep this short. I'll hope to be back with news about the Lufenuron soon.

Until then, be well and many blessings!

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No, I don't have fleas! ;-)
But Lufenuron is used in veterinary medicine to treat fleas.
It attacks their Chitin, their protective hard wall.

To say I was a bit shocked and grossed out when it was suggested to me as treatment for my Systemic Yeast Infection is an understatement. After we went to the website where it was explained how it worked and that it is non-toxic on the liver, unlike Diflucan and Nystatin I was a bit at ease with it all.
For those of you who do not know what a Systemic Yeast Infection is and how you get one here is my story how it happened to me.

3 years ago we were treating my high titers of Cpn(Chlamydia Pneumoniae) with a rotation of antobiotica which I will refer to from now on as abx because I have serious problems typing that word without an error. ;-) After a year my titers were still not any lower and I had an allergic reaction to the penicillin. We decided to stop for a few months.

What follows will sound as too much information but I'm writing this to warn others.
A few weeks later I felt the start of a vaginal yeast infection, we probably all have been there once so we know how it feels. I asked W. to go the store to get me some Monistat cream and they came with suppositories. Luckily for me I tried the cream first, thinking that later at night I would use the suppositories and be over with it. Seconds after applying the cream I was screaming in pain. The whole area burned like hell! I had an allergic reaction and no washing, warm or cold water could stop it. My vaginal area swoll up 3 times as large.
I never cried as much as I did than. I didn't know what to do, what do you do in a situation like that? You ask dr. Google. It turned out that there were thousands of women who had an allergic reaction to the Monistat, just like me. Monistat and the FDA have been notified of this yet they are allowed to keep the product on the shelf.

I luckily only used the cream that I could more or less wash off but that didn't stop the reaction. There were women who used the suppository and the cream and once swollen it was impossible to remove the suppository. They were even in more hell than I was. reading all these stories made me so freaking mad. Why was this product still on the shelves? I take Hydrocortisone daily so I upped it to stop the allergic reaction. I had 5 sleepless nights before the burning subsided a bit. No, going to ER was not an option. That's why I was checking google to see if it was somehow advised. But women who went to ER all were send home, nothing could be done. A few got help by being irrigated to flush out the suppository or what was left but most of it was already absorbed. It took a good year before I wasn't bothered daily by it. And we tried all that was available to us. The thing that helped the most was crushing a few Tylenols, making a paste with a bit of warm water and applying that to the affected areas. That also burned but only a few seconds.

A few days after this allergic reaction the skin under my breasts started to turn read and become cracked and inflamed. Pretty soon the yeast infection went from my breasts to the rest of my skin, my mouth, nose and ears and that's when it is called a systemic yeast infection. It affects the whole body.

Candida Albicans

What caused the yeast infection to begin with?
The abx kills not only the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in your gut. And because 80% of your immune system is located in your gut you can imagine what happens. Candida, or yeast is an opportunistic pathogen. It can live very quietly in your body and when it sees that the immune system is shot it takes over before you can blink your eyes.
I have the Systemic Yeast Infection reasonably under control with every now and then a course of Nystatin, the only medication I can tolerate, diet, coconut oil, supplements and homeopathy.
But it's still there, if my immune system has a dip, up goes the yeast. We need to get rid of it for good especially because prof.dr. de Meirleir told me that he will advise abx infusions. Not a good idea with a systemic yeast infection. I decided to give it a go and ordered it a couple of weeks ago and now it is here!

It had to come from the Czech Republic because you can not buy it over here and there is an Asian scam going on where people sell useless powder as Lufenuron. You can actually buy it as Program flea meds from Novartis for dogs but it's much much more expensive than the powder I purchased now.

What is Lufenuron?

From my documentation 'Lufenuron Candida Treatment Patient Guide'.
The link will be at the end of this blog entry.

Lufenuron is an over-the-counter veterinary remedy available in pet shops under the name "Program VET" by Novartis. It is given to dogs or cats once a month, and it prevents flea larvae from growing into adult fleas by interfering with their Chitin synthesis. Chitin is the hard substance the exoskeleton of insects is made of. The interesting fact about Chitin is that it is not just used by insects and arthropods, it also makes up a significant part of the fungal cell wall of many fungi, during an important phase of their life cycle.

How does it work?
Lufenuron is not metabolized in the liver but is absorbed and stored in fatty tissues and after 3 days it is slowly released and will interfere with anything with chitin in your body. Whether that will be a parasite or Candida it doesn't matter. Lufenuron does not affect the good bacteria in the gut or on the skin it is listed as completely safe to use with no side effect other than the expected die-off which of course depends on how bad your infection is or how much parasites you have.

As you can see from above it is a small bag of powder, You are suppose to divide it up in 3 parts and take it 3 days in a row with a fatty meal because it only is absorbed in fat. Don't try to dissolve it in water it will not work.
I am putting it in my full fat greek yogurt from Trader Joes with some yummy raspberries and some raspberry syrup.

That's it. I intend to start on Friday if I feel enough recovered from the bloodletting on Wednesday, if not I'll start on Saturday.

I will report back with how I feel day by day and what the results of the die-off(YUCK!) are.
Wish me luck!

Link to the Lufenuron website, it's not the most modern looking side but it comes recommened and is completely legit. On top of the website you see a link to downloads, there you can find the treatment guide I mentioned above.

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This is how I feel wrt to my treatment a small boat on the ocean drifting from one place to the other, with not really a plan or anything to guide me.
Small and insignificant.

I had a to put my plan to write about Nexavir and Lufenuron on hold for a bit. I first needed to prepare for a trip outside the house to the clinic. And you all know what that implies. Not sleeping the night before because you are worrying that you will not sleep the night before and be too exhausted to make it to the clinic. Washing or bathing, actually getting dressed, waiting for help me put on bra and shirt and pants and cardigan, eat if possible, take meds, get injections, brush teeth, look at hair(I'm lucky I'm almost bald so no worring about styling my hair), get stuff for bag like iPad and iPhone, wait for W. to put on my shoes, look longely at the espresso machine, but no we've ran out of time. One should never be too late so that you have to leave the house without having an espresso first. Dang!
Are you exhausted yet too?

2:30 pm made it in time, not that it matters because they are real flexible. First things first and that was getting a hug and a cuddle from Max, the Viszla, he is the office therapy dog. Such a great dog with lovely golden brown fur coat and the softest ears ever. Great for running your fingers through while discussing difficult subjects.
After that pick a chair and kick back. I was informed that we needed to do more blood draws than planned. dr.V. thought we would replicate our usual standard testing plus the testing dr. dr Meirleir did so we could move ahead and do not have to wait any longer for his report. Too bad about the money that I spend on that but waiting any longer for him to find time to discuss my treatment will cost me more than just money.

That 'bit' more blood was about 26+ vials. I will post photos below and the large syringes that your see in the photo, those vials were about that large and there were about 10 of them. And it is not that I have much blood to go around, I actually have a low blood volume.

After they put in the IV line they drew the blood and then they connect the IV line to a bag and put that in a plastic container on the floor next to my chair. It's suppose to get filled with my blood also.
I have to tell you there is something fascinating in seeing your blood running down in a plastic bag in a container on the floor. You really start to wondering if you are not going to run out of blood after that large draw. Especially when the nurses are joking that you probably won't have enough for the Ozone IV. Ha ha. They were not kidding.

Here you see my bag with blood, a bit added IV fluids and Ozone.

When the bag is full the disconnect it and with the large syringes infuse it with IV fluids and Ozone. Its fun to see the blood reacting to the Ozone with pink bubbles like a milkshake.

The nurse is gently moving/shaking the bag back and forth to make sure the Ozone sticks to the white and red cells.

When all is in the bag they hook it up to you again and it goes back into your body.

My bag hooked up to me again.

That is the idea behind auto-hemotherapy. I had it before but not with the Ozone, we used homeopathic infusions to mix up in the blood and the large syringe was injected intramuscular im my upper arm again, causing an auto-immune reaction. The body sees the newly added blood with a substance as a foreign body and goes into attack mode killing the bad guys in your body. Or that is the theory. The auto-immune reaction wasn't fun. All joints, muscles, bones were inflamed and it hurt like hell. Was not able to walk or lift my arms for 3 days.

There are a few things that Ozone does:
1. It is an immune system regulator. By an overactive immune system it calms it down, an underactive immune system will be stimulated.
2. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen important for starved cells and tissues.
3. Ozone improves circulation. Important for chronic patients who often have impaired circulation.
4. Ozone increases antioxidant protection.
5. Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant.
6. Stimulating white blood cell production.
7. Killing viruses (ozone and hydrogen peroxide)
8. Increasing the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor, thus helping the body to fight infections and cancers

But what is most important to me is that when ozone is injected into the treated sample of blood it destroys any pathogens and when it is injected back into me it has the effect of an autogenous (self-generated) vaccine.

5:30pm: Going back home. W. spend all that time waiting for me. He can use dr. V.'s office so he can work and can take work calls in privacy. They really are awesome.
All in all took 3 hours and I was exhausted by the time we got home. So far no other reaction than the 'normal' autoimmune reaction and the extreme exhaustion. No herx or die-off, yet.
Next week it will be a 'normal' IV at home.

# # #

This is me in the image above. It's a Dutch saying; swimming against the tide.

On Saturday Nov. 9th I met Professor dr. de Meirleir, I already knew him from all his videos. After a clinical exam he diagnosed me with late stage Bartonella, Babesia and Borreliosis. Apparently I have a mask on my face and a typical rash on my abdomen with large red and white stripes that are typical for these infections. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I went to see him in the hope on new insight for treating my ME, never in a million years did I expect to come away with 3 new infections. Well, not really new, in fact the are old but new knowledge to me. He warned dme that oral antibiotics will not help in my case, the late stage will not react to oral abx, he said he was probably going to recommend abx infusions. He took about 1/3 of what I have in my veins to have it tested in what I assumed WPI's lab. He said we would do a phone follow up in 6 weeks after the results of the lab would be in and discuss treatment.

First sign something was not quite right was that in begin December I received a notice from my credit card for an alleged fraud attempt of over $5000. And did I know the marketing company Red Labs from Europe. No, I did not but the name sounded vaguely familiar. After a search online I found out is was dr. de Meirleir's lab in Belgium. He had taken my blood samples to Belgium to have it tested there without notifying me of such and presented me with a bill of $5000. Not that I had received an invoice, no, they just attempted to charge my credit card which I had given to pay dr. de Meirleir for the consult. I expected to receive an invoice from an American lab(WPI) so I could submit it to my insurance.
No way in hell is my insurance going to pay for a blood test from a foreign lab that could have been done here for a fraction of the price. I waited, I knew they would contact me because the charge was declined and yes the next day I received an invoice with a request to pay. I protested the fact that I was unaware that my blood was tested in Belgium plus I wanted them to remove the 25% Belgium tax that they added. As American citizens we do not have to pay European taxes. But no dice. They said if I didn't pay they would not release the results. So we paid. Too much stress to argue. We will file a form at the US tax office to get that tax back.
I was not a happy puppy.

After the 6 weeks were up I emailed and asked for a phone appointment. I got one. At 5:00 am. Not doable for me. My brain doesn't work at that time and I would not be able to ask questions let alone remember what he said. They forgot I was 9 hours behind them. I suggested 11:00 pm, midnight or even 1:00am Which would be 8, 9 or 10 in the morning their time. No, could not be done, that was prime time when they would see patients. WTF? Am I not a patient? No, because it was so problematic(?????), the phone consult was even off the table. I would now receive a written document with his interpretation of my test results and a treatment proposal. No opportunity to ask questions. Period. That was December. It's now end January and I'm still waiting.
I email every few days and I have read that he usually writes reports during the weekends so I could expect it on Monday, I waited till Wednesday and emailed again. Radio silence. Than this Monday I received an email that no they had not received my files yet and the Professor was out of town and was expected back next Monday. Meaning he will not be able to write that report coming weekend either so it will probably be the weekend after that or who knows maybe later. That will be about 3 months after I saw him, 14 weeks, 8 weeks later than the original phone consult was promised.

I'm depressed, grieving and livid at the same time. He said he thought I was very ill. One would erroneously think that if one is so seriously ill a treatment would be started quickly so the patient doesn't have to suffer any longer or even might get worse if we wait longer. Nothing can be further from the truth in my case.
It is and feels to me like they don't care anymore. I saw it in dr.P practice and now dr. de Meirleir, I feels like I am too old and too sick to book a success, to be worth it to bend over backwards for to get me the treatment I so long have waited for. I'm a mess, a too complicated case with a million of infections, viral and bacterial. It feels like they have lost hope for me. If that is their attitude then there must be some truth in it right? Maybe I am too ill to improve and is it just a matter of time. Who knows? They might be right.

I still think he is an excellent physician, and I know all he wants it get people well. What is going wrong in my case I have no clue. It's not that he is not used with dealing with seeing people in other countries, after all he travels to Norway to see patients there. Maybe it is the time difference that is playing a role. I can only hope that the patients he is planning to see this month or next in WPI will have a better experience than I have. And I hope he informs them that their blood will be tested in Red Labs, at a price.

Stay tuned for the next episode in where I will tell you how a flea product will help me get rid of my Systemic Yeast Infection.

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